I’m off to America!

First of all I could like to apologise for the lack of blog posts this year. I have been extremely busy and my blog took a back seat.

But I have some very exciting news to share, as of Monday (2 sleeps) I’m off to America!

I have a job as a Unit Leader with USA Summer Camp / Camp Leaders. Working at a camp in New Mexico. With the plan to travel coast to coast across America after the summer camp end.

I’m going to keep notes and blog on my return to the UK near in the end of the year. I want to share my whole experience from application with you.

Thought I would share this now – my one minute showcase video application!

I’ll be updated Twitter & Instagram when Wifi allows, so follow me for updates during my trip!


GOSH 9 Shades… to enjoy NEW YORK Shadow Collection Review

GOSH is a make-up brand I have been discovering a bit more over the last 6 months, so far every product I have had from them has impressed me.

CIMG8021They launched 3 new eyeshadow collections this year for A/W14,
I went into Superdrug to have a look at these and to see which I wanted to try.

The three on offer where:

1. to enjoy NEW YORK – neutral shades

2. to have fun in LA – aqua shades

3. to play with in VEGAS – bright shades

After looking at these I purchased ‘to enjoy in NEW YORK’ as I am much more a neutral girl.

I like the packaging of this as it looks very professional being all black with just the brand logo. Inside there is a good sized mirror, perfect for doing your make up on the go.


Some of the colours in this are shimmer based and some are block colours, but they are all gorgeous but my favourite 3 colours are:
Top row, right. Middle row, left. Bottom row, middle.


All of the colours seem to hold well throughout the day.
I will definitely been turning to this pallet for this season.

Have you tried any of these, if so what one is your favourite?

Luna Cinema Review – Frozen

The Luna cinema is a pop up open air cinema, that holds different showings through locations in the UK. With my nearest location being Leeds Castle (Maidstone, Kent.)

I have been to two showings with them this year one being Breakfast at Tiffanys and the most recent Frozen sing along.

frozen singalong

To these you can bring chairs, blankets and as much food and drink as you can carry.And if you do not bring chairs, there is an area at the front of the screening which is especially for those without so your view is not blocked. There is also food and drink available to buy on sight if you do not wish to bring your own.

VIP tickets are available to buy but you have to be quick as these are normally the first to sell out. With these you get a chair, a free drink at the bar and a goody bag from Benefit who the Luna cinema are teamed up with this year.


Personally I wouldn’t recommend the VIP we queued over half an hour to get the free drink which was equivalent to a mouthful of wine. The goody bag only contained a couple of miniture samples of Benefit make up.
Personally the extra money just wasn’t worth that for me.

Benefit do go around selling samples of make up before the film starts. These are £2 per sample with all the money going to the Refuge charity. I loved this and bought samples both times I have been.


The events go ahead whatever the weather so make sure your prepared.


Overall the Lunda cinema is such a great idea. everyone is friendly and seems to enjoy the event. I will definitely be returning again next year! Just not with a VIP ticket. They have finished now for the winter months but will be back next summer.

Have you ever been to an open air cinema? What did you see?

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co London Review

First off all for those of you that don’t know, Bubba Gump is an American restaurant chain based on the film Forrest Gump.

I have been a fan of the restaurant ever since I went to the one in New York. It has been rumoured there would be one opening in London for a long time but there had never been an official location or date announced.

As soon as I heard this was officially opening on the 1st October me and a couple of friends made plans to go and visit on the 5th.
Due to it only just being open they are not taking booking for tables at the moment, but we took the risk anyway.

bubba gump London

The restaurant is based in Leicester Square, it’s a great busy location for the restaurant but to be honest not as quite as good as dining in New York – which is based in Times Square.

We turned up at Bubba Gump at roughly 4pm, thinking we would try and miss the lunch time and dinner rush. We were welcomed in and told there would be roughly a 15 min wait for a table, which was find by us as we were expecting to wait much longer than this.
We had a look around some of the merchandise in the shop while we waited.
Even though we were told 15 minutes it was more like a 5 minuite wait we were still busy looking around the shop when we were called.


We were showed to our table and were given a booth to sit in. I would say these sit up to 6 people.
The restaurant looks very small from the outside but is massive once you get in, spread over two floors and seating up to 400.

bubba gump restaurantIMG_4249

If you have ever been to one of these before you will know how great the service and staff are. I was hoping the restaurant didn’t loose this in the UK.

The decor in the restaurant is very well done with so much detail put in, there is so much too look at from the quotes on the table to the number plates on the wall. They also of course have Forrest Gump playing on screens throughout.



The menu is mainly seafood based, with lots of shrimp (prawns) and fish. However it does have a few other options as well for those who are not fish eaters.


I love the speciality cocktail menu they have also.

For food we ordered the garlic bread basket to share to start, I then had the Captains Fish & Chips, with my friends both choosing to have Forrest’s Seafood Feast. There was a slight error when ordering these as only one was delivered to our table but the waitress got another one ordered and it was sent to the table very quickly.

Unfortunately we couldn’t fit dessert in, that will have to wait till next time!

The service was great from the very start, I don’t think I could fault it. The staff are so friendly and great at interacting with you, this is a place where they want you to have fun. (However if you want to go and have a quiet, cosy meal this is is not the place to go.)

My one downside is that they do add a service tip to your bill, I know some people don’t mind this but personally I prefer to leave a tip on my own account not because the company want you too.

Overall I’m so happy that the restaurant is now in the UK, I was worried it would lose the atmosphere here but the brand have done it justice.


The glass i bought home is the one not he left hand side.

The glass i bought home is the one on the left hand side.

Of course I couldn’t leave without a souvenir, so I got a cocktail maison jar to add to my collection, having had a speciality cocktail in the restaurant this only cost £3.50.

Have you been to the London Bubba Gump yet, or are you planning too?

Seventeen WOW! Skin 3 Way Highlighter Review

Highlighter is my second favourite type of product behind my number one, blusher. This highlighter has definitely become a staple in my beauty bag. I don’t tend to wear a highlighter on a day to day basis but if I’m off out or just fancy making my face up some days this is always used. Seventeen skin WOW 3 way highlighter The packaging on this is very basic with clear plastic – however this shows  the colour of the highlighter through it which makes it look more appealing to buy. The best thing about the packaging has got to be that the highlighter has a pump. Personally I think this just makes the highlighter a lot easier to use, – no mess, and you don’t waste any of it by pouring too much out. You can also take the end off if your pump breaks or you have some product left in the bottle you can’t get out with the pump. Being a 3 way highlighter here are the ways in which you can use this:

1. Before applying your foundation as a primer.

2. Mixed in with your foundation.

3. Applied over the top of foundation in areas you want highlighted.

Out of these personally my favourite is to mix it in with my foundation, to give myself an all over glow.

One Pump Of Highlighter

One Pump Of Highlighter


Blended into skin

Blended into skin

If you are like me and don’t use it on a day to day basis it will last you for a few months. A bargain when it is only priced at £5.99.

Overall this highlighter is definitely worth buying. It is also very similar to the Mac strobe cream. What is your favourite liquid highlighter to use?

The War and Peace Revival

So this post is very overdue but it is a post that I had planned to share with you so even though it is very late, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

The War and Peace Revival was held in Kent at Folkestone Racecourse back in July.

I had never been to this before my my family went last year and really enjoyed it.

If you don’t know what the War and Peace Revival is a military and vintage festival.
There is so much to do here; such as watching action packed battle re-enactments, stalls to browse through and buy from, lots of live music, explore the vintage village and explore many military vehicles.

You definitely don’t have to be into military and war to attend this. I am not into the war side but I love going and looking at the vintage pieces.

So many people get involved in this festival and many people dress up for it.

Here is what i got up to on my day.

We started with a look round the stalls.



I managed to buy the above U.S.A Miltrary jacket for just £3.

We then made are way to look around the vintage stalls.





I then got my hair done, by a lovely lady in one of the vintage stalls.



I loved the hair and will definitely be trying to re create this at some point.
After getting my hair done we went and got a bit of lunch before meeting up with some friends and exploring a bit more.










We finished off the day by listening to a bit of music, before catching the train home.
I loved this lady’s outfit.

The War and Peace Revival will be held at Folkestone Racecourse again next year, From the 22th – 26th July, I will be definitely going again!