The War and Peace Revival

So this post is very overdue but it is a post that I had planned to share with you so even though it is very late, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

The War and Peace Revival was held in Kent at Folkestone Racecourse back in July.

I had never been to this before my my family went last year and really enjoyed it.

If you don’t know what the War and Peace Revival is a military and vintage festival.
There is so much to do here; such as watching action packed battle re-enactments, stalls to browse through and buy from, lots of live music, explore the vintage village and explore many military vehicles.

You definitely don’t have to be into military and war to attend this. I am not into the war side but I love going and looking at the vintage pieces.

So many people get involved in this festival and many people dress up for it.

Here is what i got up to on my day.

We started with a look round the stalls.



I managed to buy the above U.S.A Miltrary jacket for just £3.

We then made are way to look around the vintage stalls.





I then got my hair done, by a lovely lady in one of the vintage stalls.



I loved the hair and will definitely be trying to re create this at some point.
After getting my hair done we went and got a bit of lunch before meeting up with some friends and exploring a bit more.










We finished off the day by listening to a bit of music, before catching the train home.
I loved this lady’s outfit.

The War and Peace Revival will be held at Folkestone Racecourse again next year, From the 22th – 26th July, I will be definitely going again!


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