Seventeen WOW! Skin 3 Way Highlighter Review

Highlighter is my second favourite type of product behind my number one, blusher. This highlighter has definitely become a staple in my beauty bag. I don’t tend to wear a highlighter on a day to day basis but if I’m off out or just fancy making my face up some days this is always used. Seventeen skin WOW 3 way highlighter The packaging on this is very basic with clear plastic – however this shows  the colour of the highlighter through it which makes it look more appealing to buy. The best thing about the packaging has got to be that the highlighter has a pump. Personally I think this just makes the highlighter a lot easier to use, – no mess, and you don’t waste any of it by pouring too much out. You can also take the end off if your pump breaks or you have some product left in the bottle you can’t get out with the pump. Being a 3 way highlighter here are the ways in which you can use this:

1. Before applying your foundation as a primer.

2. Mixed in with your foundation.

3. Applied over the top of foundation in areas you want highlighted.

Out of these personally my favourite is to mix it in with my foundation, to give myself an all over glow.

One Pump Of Highlighter

One Pump Of Highlighter


Blended into skin

Blended into skin

If you are like me and don’t use it on a day to day basis it will last you for a few months. A bargain when it is only priced at £5.99.

Overall this highlighter is definitely worth buying. It is also very similar to the Mac strobe cream. What is your favourite liquid highlighter to use?


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