GOSH 9 Shades… to enjoy NEW YORK Shadow Collection Review

GOSH is a make-up brand I have been discovering a bit more over the last 6 months, so far every product I have had from them has impressed me.

CIMG8021They launched 3 new eyeshadow collections this year for A/W14,
I went into Superdrug to have a look at these and to see which I wanted to try.

The three on offer where:

1. to enjoy NEW YORK – neutral shades

2. to have fun in LA – aqua shades

3. to play with in VEGAS – bright shades

After looking at these I purchased ‘to enjoy in NEW YORK’ as I am much more a neutral girl.

I like the packaging of this as it looks very professional being all black with just the brand logo. Inside there is a good sized mirror, perfect for doing your make up on the go.


Some of the colours in this are shimmer based and some are block colours, but they are all gorgeous but my favourite 3 colours are:
Top row, right. Middle row, left. Bottom row, middle.


All of the colours seem to hold well throughout the day.
I will definitely been turning to this pallet for this season.

Have you tried any of these, if so what one is your favourite?


Seventeen WOW! Skin 3 Way Highlighter Review

Highlighter is my second favourite type of product behind my number one, blusher. This highlighter has definitely become a staple in my beauty bag. I don’t tend to wear a highlighter on a day to day basis but if I’m off out or just fancy making my face up some days this is always used. Seventeen skin WOW 3 way highlighter The packaging on this is very basic with clear plastic – however this shows  the colour of the highlighter through it which makes it look more appealing to buy. The best thing about the packaging has got to be that the highlighter has a pump. Personally I think this just makes the highlighter a lot easier to use, – no mess, and you don’t waste any of it by pouring too much out. You can also take the end off if your pump breaks or you have some product left in the bottle you can’t get out with the pump. Being a 3 way highlighter here are the ways in which you can use this:

1. Before applying your foundation as a primer.

2. Mixed in with your foundation.

3. Applied over the top of foundation in areas you want highlighted.

Out of these personally my favourite is to mix it in with my foundation, to give myself an all over glow.

One Pump Of Highlighter

One Pump Of Highlighter


Blended into skin

Blended into skin

If you are like me and don’t use it on a day to day basis it will last you for a few months. A bargain when it is only priced at £5.99.

Overall this highlighter is definitely worth buying. It is also very similar to the Mac strobe cream. What is your favourite liquid highlighter to use?

MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder Review

I was recommend this powder by my sister. She loved to use my MAC loose powder and wanted to find a good high street alternative for herself and came across this. I got the powder in the shade ‘Translucent’ as I use powder to hold my make-up in place rather than for a colour effect on my skin. MUA Powder Like any product you buy the first thing you notice is the packaging. The packaging is okay, it’s pretty simple with a clear bottom and a white lid on top with pink writing. The packaging definitely doesn’t excite me like some but it definitely doesn’t stop me from buying the powder either. The powder itself it held underneath a plastic lid with holes in to let some powder come through gradually. You still manage to get a fair bit of product out of this without it over flowing unlike some (I find normally it’s really hard to get the powder out or it pours out.) MUA loose powder The powder itself goes on to the skin very nicely and I love the effect it leaves. This does not guarantee how long the powder will stay on your skin for but I find it has a good staying effect and holds my make-up in place for the majority of the day, as well as controlling any shiny patches.

The packaging the powder is kept in does seem very small and only holds 15g of powder which I assumed meant the powder wouldn’t last very long at all. But how wrong I was! I find the powder lasts me a very long time I have been using this one for roughly a month now and it doesn’t really seem as though i have made a dent in it. 

Costing an amazing price of £2.30 I would highly recommend this powder – it is a must have in my make-up bag now.  

Have you tried any products from MUA, if so what would you recommend me trying?

The Body Shop – Special Edition Blueberry Collection Review

When shopping with my mum the other day we saw there was a sale on in the Body Shop. So we popped in so she could buy a couple of the body butters.

Body Shop Blueberry

While browsing I noticed they had a special edition scent ‘blueberry’ in the sale.

I had never smelt this before and it such an amazing scent. It has a very fruity, sweet smell which is right up my street. However if your not a fan of very sweet scents this is probably not going to be for you.

The scent of these products definitely last for hours once applied.

I managed to actually pick up all 3 of these in the sale for a total of £13, a great bargain as the body butters are normally £13 on their own.

Body Butter – £5

Body Scrub – £5

Shower Gel – £3

body shop products

The worst thing about this is that it is only a special edition, meaning it is not in stores all year long. Which I can’t believe!

I definitely hope the Body Shop decide to add this to their collection all year round.

I highly recommend going into stores and stocking up before they sell out. This this is my favourite scent from them at the moment.

What are your favourite Body Shop Scents?

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review

I’m not someone who often breaks out of my normal moisturising routine, as I love the one I use.
However I received this in my Body Shop Christmas advent calendar and enjoyed using it so much I have since bought the full size cream.


The cream itself is a very pale pink colour. The cream is very light to touch, however a little still goes along way with this.
I certainly wouldn’t think a tub of cream of this size would last very long, but it sure does.

The cream claims to “hydrate and protect, be light and easily absorbed, and leave skin soft and healthy looking” and all of which I completely agree with.


I always feel fresh faced once I have used this.

The cream cost £10 for 50ml which I think is good going, however if I was to spend this much all the time I think I would much rather use a cream that also contained SPF, as this does not.

This is one of the first items I have ever used in the Vitamin E range and I would consider trying out more from the collection.

Have you tried this cream, if so what were your thoughts?

GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Review

I came across these when browsing through Superdrug and they look like absolutely gorgeous colours. They were on a 3 for 2 offer, so I thought I best get 3!


These are eye shadows in a stick, which can also be used as an eyeliner if you prefer.
The sticks are wound up from the bottom so there is no need for a sharpener, meaning they are great for traviling or on the go.

The metallic outer packaging is one of the first things you notice about these, it looks much more expensive than the £5.99 price tag.

I picked up the shades:
02-Beige – This is a gorgeous very light nude colour, with a slight sparkle to it.
03-Light Copper – This is my favourite out of the 3. It is a bronzed gold colour with sparkle.
06-Plum – This a dark purple/blue colour with sparkle.

Top to Bottom. Beige, Light Copper, Plum.

Top to Bottom.
Beige, Light Copper, Plum.

All the shades can be built up depending on how strong you would like the shade to be.
They are all soft and creamy to use on your eyes and can be blended with your finger or brushes. However this must be done fairly quickly, as once it has dried the product is hard to be removed without make-up remover or make-up wipes.

P1050078 (2)

I haven’t used many eyeshadow sticks before and I have been really impressed by how easy and convenient these are to use. I am going to go back in and pick up a couple more shades.

Have you tried these? If so what were you thoughts? What other eye shadow sticks would you recommend for me to try?


Cocoa Brown Spring / Summer 2014 Event

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would have seen already that I attended the Cocoa Brown SS14 event last week.

I have never attended an event before and I actually posted it as a new year resolution I would love to do in 2014.

I saw the brand had asked publically via Twitter who would like to attended the event and quickly replied that I would love to. To be honest never thinking that I would hear from them.

So when I received an email from Vicky with an invite I was VERY excited!

I was a bit nervous about turning up to my very first event on my own as I had no idea what to expect. I got talking to @candyfl0sscloud (Rachel Lote) over Twitter and we decided to meet up before hand. It was nice to meet up with such a lovely girl – was great to meet you Rachel!

The event was held at the Park Plaza Hotel at the Primo Bar. Upon arriving we were welcomed by the team, took a seat and were told to help ourselves to food and beverages. Check out the photos, it was such an impressive spread. I had like 4 croissants and muffins for breakfast!

10299904_1498452740376518_895542590_n P1050013

Stephanie from Cocoa Brown quickly came and sat with us to tell us about all the new products that the brand have this season.
We were then joined by the founder of the company, Marissa Carter, both were very friendly and were not only informing us about the products but asking us about ourselves and seemed genuinely interested.



After this we were left to mingle with other bloggers, again I was a bit nervous to begin with but everyone was super friendly and I met some great new blogging friends like Rachel Lote, Lottie Pearce, Henrietta and Maria Angelica.


Cocoa Brown where kind enough to give us a goody bag on the day containing some of their products – which I can’t wait to try. You can expect review posts coming up soon.



I would like to say a big thanks to Cocoa Brown & CAN Associates for inviting me.
I had a great time and this has given me the confidence to attended future events on my own.


Have you tried any of the products from Cocoa Brown? If so, what are your favourites?